Coronavirus: summer sales activation

German agencies are forecasting a growth in demand following a positive development of the coronavirus.

DRV, an association of German agencies and tour operators, predicts a revival in tourism once the information pressure from the coronavirus drops.

Yaiza Castilla, the Minister of Tourism, along with the Managing Director of Promotur, Maria Mendez, conveyed the importance of exchanging information with the DRV, which represents 90% of the travel industry and tour operators in Germany, thus knowing first hand the behavior of demand in Germany.

The representatives of the DRV were interested in the measures imposed in the Canary Islands in view of the cases detected in the Community.

The Minister explained the health measures and told the tourism management, such as information at airports, ports and accommodation with the slogan: ‘Enjoy Safe Holidays’, aimed at tourists feel safe on their holidays.

“No significant cancellations are being recorded, although they do fall from the reservations for 10 days”

Also discussed was the monitoring of information in media and social networks, to avoid alarmist messages. In addition to the campaigns in eleven countries, videos of tourists who spend their holidays in the Canary Islands, telling how they normally enjoy their days off. All this with the aim of dismantling the effects of the alarmist hoaxes.

With respect to the holiday business in the German country Fiebig, president of DRV, reported that no significant cancellations are being recorded, although they do fall from the reservations for 10 days.

They observe much traffic online and in person, in travel agencies and in search of packages for the summer, but still not come to book, which is an indication that when the information pressure drops and, the excess of information to the coronavirus, the purchase of holidays will be reactivated, said Fiebig.

Although it is difficult that this occurs at Easter, due to the proximity of the vacation days, it is expected a good performance for the summer, with a strengthening of sales in the months of May and June.


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