Abreu already trusts Travel/ie!

Abreu believes in optimizing its business with the help of Mind Analytics’ platform, Travel/ie.

Abreu, the most important company in the tourism sector in Portugal, already has the Travel/ie module: Distribution Optimization. This solution will enable them to boost and improve their business through increased intelligence, with machine learning techniques through data study.

The progressive growth of the Portuguese market drove the expansion of Abreu to other countries such as Brazil, Spain or the United States. Today, Abreu has a large distribution network and a strong presence in the foreign market. The platform will allow Abreu to continue its expansion by improving its business intelligence.

The Tavel/ie module, Distribution Optimization, focused on perfecting the tourist distribution of bedbaks, tour operators and ota`s, will help Abreu to know its business in a unique way until now. The tool will allow you to optimize the inventory of your current portfolio, maximizing its use. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of forecasts and increase your own product.

You will also be able to know the market changes in real time thanks to the Travel/ie alarms, which are totally customizable. You can even measure the performance of the entire infrastructure in detail.

It is easy to integrate with the company’s system and is done in a short period of time. The necessary data is obtained to optimize the business in a non-invasive way and a panel is created according to the company’s own needs.

If you also want to give your company a boost, travel/ie is the solution you are looking for. Travel/ie puts the focus on your data, you put the focus on your business.

We invite you to discover on travel-ie.com all that the solution can do for your business.


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