Achieve a system with 0% of integration errors

Do you realise the millions of Euro you are missing out on due to integration errors?

Every reservation system receives millions of availability and reservation requests daily. There are failures and errors in this process that can negatively affect the business.  For the most part, having to deal with so many requests a day makes it very difficult to evaluate these system errors one by one.

Most bedbanks have an error level that ranges from 4 to 7%. A very high percentage that represents a significant loss of sales opportunities. And not only that, it also translates into a high maintenance cost.  Integration, performance, network, mapping errors… using data, these can be resolved quickly and easily, errors which would not be solved otherwise.

If all this data is known, distributors can focus on integration errors and resolve them properly

Most bedbanks do not have detailed data on their mistakes. They neither know where it fails nor why it fails. Correcting them becomes an almost impossible task to manage. With no solution forthcoming, they reoccur over time, repeatedly affecting the business.

These failures are sometimes down to the customer, who makes a bad request and sometimes the information received from the supplier is not good or the formats are not as expected. But, in all cases, the result is the same, millions of Euro that your business misses out on.

Having monitoring systems that catch errors from both customers and suppliers should be essential for the proper functioning of a bedbank, thus creating a fault-tolerant system. It is also important to have network and performance monitoring, so you can identify breakdowns or cuts that may affect the service.

If all this data is known, distributors can focus on the problem and solve it properly. Achieving a fault-tolerant system is what every company in this sector needs in order to stop losing opportunities.

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