Who we are

We are a technology company that helps our clients on the journey to data-driven business transformation.

We help you take the essential digital leap to improve the performance of your business.

Big Data, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are our capabilities.

How we work

At the project level:

  • We carry out a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and objectives before starting each project.
  • We guarantee the participation of a multidisciplinary team of specialists on the jorney to a data-driven company in the execution of the projects.
  • We always use the latest technology platforms such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Looker or Qlik.
  • We seek to adjust to the client’s objectives at all times and, therefore, interaction with them occurs on a regular basis, as a way of advancing towards excellence in treatment and service.

At the company level:

  • For us, the strength of the team and the value of individual contributions are of great importance, which is why continuous training is a constant in our programming.
  • We seek innovation and continuous improvement of our processes, techniques and tools and, to achieve this, our R&D Department is constantly investigating new possibilities.
  • One of the aspects we are most proud is the use of cutting-edge tools, which allow us to manage the particularities of each project.

If you have arrived here, it is probably because you want to know if we are the agency that can help you with your project. Contact us and we will be proud to help you.


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  • Joan Puig

    Joan Puig

    Associate Data Architect



  • Adrian Inciura

    Adrian Inciura

    Associate Data Architect



  • Joaquin Oroño

    Joaquin Oroño

    Associate Data Architect



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  • Federico Martino

    Federico Martino

    Associate Data Engineer



  • Manu Diaz

    Manu Diaz

    Associate Data Engineer



  • Neyen Bonansea

    Neyen Bonansea

    Associate Data Project Manager



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