RapidMiner and the Gartner Magic Quadrant

The Gartner quadrant is a graphic representation of the market position of a technology product at any given moment. It is one of the main manufacturer ranking references which is assessed when purchasing a technological tool.

Gartner is the consultancy that does this research to analyse market trends. The study defines 4 different areas depending on whether the product is a leader (maximum rating, as it combines a completeness of market vision and ability to execute), challenger, visionary or niche player.

In the case of RapidMiner, it has been the market leader in the area of Data Science and Machine Learning for six consecutive years. This is one of the reasons why, at Mind Analytics, we use this tool to develop our Data Science projects. 

So why has Gartner been the undisputed leader for so many years?

Gartner considers that RapidMiner is the leading platform for achieving a balance between ease of use and Data Science sophistication. Data Scientists highlight the platform’s accessibility and open source functionality in the software, although Gartner also highlights that its strengths are:

Simplicity:  enables users to build and manage a large number of models intuitively, increasing productivity. Also, the fact that it has help wizards for data preparation (Turbo Prep) and modelling (AutoModel) boost the simplicity of use still further.

Evolution: it is a tool which improves many aspects year-on-year, focussing on explainability of the processes at all their stages, from development to project roll out.

Coherence: many references have been made to user experience, from repository management to real-time scoring. Elements contributing to this are RapidMiner Studio, for model development, RapidMiner Server, for sharing, collaborating on, deploying and maintaining models, and RapidMiner Real-Time Scoring, providing a low latency model execution engine. Furthermore, RapidMiner Cloud is evolving with the capability to use the tool on the cloud.

Appearing on the Garner Magic Quadrant gives great prestige and respect, which is one of the targets of technology companies. Its publication is eagerly awaited each year.


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