Optimising the tourism product and boosting sales with data

Lots of clients these days are working with a large number of bed banks. As a result, there are providers that offer very similar, even identical, tourist products at different prices. This difference is due to each provider having different agreements with hotels or different sales strategies.

In order to optimise the tourism product (portfolio) and the technological infrastructure, we need to have the right data, such as:

  • The products that each customer is asking for.
  • What they are and aren’t buying.
  • The products they aren’t asking for and which ones could be interesting to increase conversion.

With this data, we can reach conclusions that help optimise the product per customer. We can analyse the customer, the source market, the destination, the most requested hotels, the converted ones, and the unrequested and the requested ones. If the data gives a negative view of a product, we’ll be able to find out why this product isn’t attractive and we can change specific strategies.

How do we optimise the tourism product?

All this information is collected solely via data and its subsequent analysis using machine learning tools. It’s important to have agreements with providers, in several areas, in order to offer a competitive price wherever there are more interested customers. In other words, thanks to this information we can focus on the destinations where our tourism product is more competitive and attractive while forgetting about those that trigger less interest.

Only with data analysis can we clearly commit to the strategy that best optimises business, cut infrastructure costs and reduce calls to providers.  We can even find out which platforms work best thanks to data.

The optimisation of the tourism product is one of the challenges that this industry must face if it wants to keep afloat in this business. But not just that, in the ever-variable world of the travel industry we have to be aware of all the changes and know how to deal with them. In the e-book “How to become a Smart Travel Distributor: The Future of Business Travel” you’ll find all the solutions to find out how to positively deal with this business and make headway. Download here


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