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W2M gets to know its customers better with Real Demand Analytics

Getting to know its customers better with Real Demand Analytics has become a reality for W2M. Using our analytics solution, it has come to understand its customers’ behaviour, available inventory and the offer and true demand as against reservations.

The solution captures data in a non-intrusive way, preparing the Big Data platform to store the information, and rolling out the analytics intelligence components to get insights into customer behaviour, inventory availability, offers from suppliers and the real demand vis-a-vis reservations.

Real Demands Analytics enables decisions to be made based on real demand in real time, boosting the business and bringing it success.

Innovation based on Socio-Demographic Intelligence

Using a detailed analysis of sales depending on the geographical area and socio-economic data, the company JTI has managed to improve its marketing campaigns, which have been much more effective with the unique solution designed for them.