The future is digital, Data is the way, Travel Intelligence Engine Partner Program

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Mind Analytics is proud to announce that We have launched the Partner Program for our platform TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE ENGINE.
We will dedicate this article to explain how it works and how the partners can beneficiate of the program.

Why the Partner Program?

We believe that the best way to help the tourism industry is by joining forces between different players and that is why we have launched a program based on a partnership model to help tourism clients in optimize the performance of their businesses so that they can recover their income once the crisis is over and response very quickly to the market changes.


For those who do not know the platform, the first thing we have to do is explain what TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE ENGINE (Travel/ie) is.

Travel/ie is a vertical Data Intelligence platform that allows the alignment of corporate strategy with data-based operational processes. It has all the functionalities that a Data-Driven company needs to optimize its business, from data ingest (big data), data processing and storage that can be visualized in dashboards and operational reports, and it also has the possibility of incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms and finally this intelligence can be integrated into the clients’ source systems via API.

For some segments of the industry, such as Wholesalers, Bedbanks, Tour Operators and Hotels, there are many pre-built pieces such as algorithms, dashboards or reports that are already incorporated into the platform, which allows a quick implementation in the different use cases that a customer may have to improve the company’s performance. In addition, they are easy to extend by the users.

How are the Partner Programs?

We have designed 3 programs to be able to collaborate with the different actors of the market so that they can help their clients in their digital strategies:


This program is designed for consulting companies, tourism consultants or independent consultants, from a non-technological base, where they identify the need for a unified vision of the information and the necessary automatisms that allow them to operate more effectively and efficiently from the data.


This program is focused on companies that have management software for the tourism industry (PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine or similar) and want to extend the intelligence of their products by making work the pieces together so that the client has greater visibility of the data and provides them with the intelligence that Travel/ie has.

The Solution Specialist program is also focused on technology consulting companies, specialized in tourism or that due to their size have a specific line of tourism. As Travel Advisor program wants to accelerate their clients’ businesses with a holistic data platform.

With this program we want to be able to work with our partners to complement their services/products.


The data provider program is designed for those companies that generate data and want to monetize it, or by its nature shop data, in both cases we seek an automatic integration of data into our platform and that can be integrated into our business solutions to enrich the models of Travel Intelligence Engine.

For this program we are interested in companies that generate/have data of: market prices, competition prices, socio-demographic data, socio-tourism, socio-economic data, tourist reservations, aviation data or similar.

Which are the benefits of Partner Program?

TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE ENGINE’s partner programs have been designed to have a win-win and long-term relationship between Mind Analytics and the partners. That is why the programs have some common points in order to have a joint mission in the market:

  • Initial training
  • Continuous training on product improvements
  • Compensation Plan
  • Brand diffusion plan
  • Web and social media promotion
  • Territory preference
  • Demo environment

If you want to know more about our programs and their benefits we will be happy to listen to your case, leave us your information through the following form and we will contact you.

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