Mind Analytics and Fitbooktravel join forces to optimize travel distribution

The customers of both companies will benefit of the intelligence of  Travel/ie platform, also the customers will benefit from Fitbooktravel’s proven experience in optimizing travel distribution.

Fitbooktravel company based in Mallorca, called the  ‘Sillicon Valley of Tourism’ aims to help online travel and technology business, with a team of proven experience and customers success oriented to improve distribution and optimize the performance of this type of business.

Mind Analytics a spanish startup that creates data-based technology solutions using business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques and they uses all its experience into the new data intelligence platform, Travel/ie, to optimize travel companies.

The union between Mind Analytics and Fitbooktravel will enable its clients to better understand their business, make the right decisions at all times, and expand their market, anticipating changes in the sector, creating opportunities to improve and understand the target market accurately.

Thanks to this union we add technology, processes and know-how to the service of data, understanding in a clearer way the tourist client thanks to Fitbooktravel’s experience, achieving the business objectives in a effective and optimal way. Providing data with intelligence increases its value and also boosts revenue of travel companies” says Joaquín Oroño, CEO of Mind Analytics.

On the other hand, Damian Vaquer, Fitbooktravel’s CEO, comments that “In Fitbooktravel we know the importance of data and the correct use of it allows us to improve the performance of any tourism company, to know the customer better in order to know what to offer them at any given time, and to optimize operational costs by automating processes that were previously manual. With Mind Analytics we achieved this part that we had been looking for for so long“.

The travel sector has experienced a great growth in recent years, and the short to medium term it will back to that way. If companies use their data intelligently will be ables to take advantage of the situation and come out stronger. The data strategy is the main pillar of the digital transformation, with a good management of those is possible to know better the customers to offer them what they needs in each moment, and to reach in a more effective, optimal, efficient and focused way to obtain a greater profitability of the business.


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