Mind Analytics and Viewtinet take artificial intelligence to the network

Strategic partnership enriches machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms of Travel Intelligence Engine directly to the network

Barcelona,17 June 2020. Mind Analytics, a Spanish startup specialised in analytical technology for process optimisation in the tourism industry, and Viewtinet, a provider of network analytics solutions based on big data and network intelligence, have signed a strategic agreement to take artificial intelligence directly in the network.

The partnership between the companies will enrich the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms of the Travel Intelligence Engine, applying advanced business logic directly online for the first time ever within the tourism industry. This groundbreaking feature enables the maximum optimisation of technological resources, achieving significant savings in infrastructure and computing capacity for customers.

“This agreement reflects a partnership between technological forces that directly guarantees the extreme security of network content and also filters information to provide intelligence at the lowest technological level. This results in a unique selling point and significant savings for customers who have this technology”, says Joaquín Oroño, CEO of Mind Analytics.

Meanwhile, Tomás Gómez de Acuña, CEO of Viewtinet, explains that “here at Viewtinet we believe in the enormous advantages of advanced network traffic analytics to provide maximum visibility and security, while also creating networks that are smart and intuitive. To do so, we rely on this integration and on the ability of Travel Intelligence Engine to provide the tourism industry with the intelligence already used by other industries to secure latest-generation applications based on machine learning”.

The tourism industry has experienced huge growth in recent years and the future is pointing towards continuous change. As a result, both companies have been working for a long time on the integration of their solutions to apply network intelligence in the tourism industry. What’s more, they are constantly searching for new solutions that apply artificial intelligence online.

Earlier this year, Mind Analytics launched the Travel Intelligence Engine, the industry’s first holistic data platform capable of managing large volumes of real-time data and optimising hotel distribution conversion by up to 30%. Thanks to this partnership with Viewtinet, an independent provider within the network intelligence world focused on software and hardware for companies, operators and data centres, the companies are making major headway and taking the optimisation of decision-making directly online.

About Mind Analytics
Mind Analytics is a Spanish company founded in 2013 with offices in Barcelona and Majorca. Specialising in analytical technology for decision-making, the company offers advice and closed solutions to obtain valuable knowledge from data. The company’s value proposition is based on delivering innovative, reliable and scalable technology that improves the corporate performance of organisations and makes the leap to digital transformation.

About Viewtinet
Viewtinet is a Spanish company with the mission of making network management tasks smart and intuitive. Based on an integration of log data and wire data, a unique data processing technology and latest-generation application recognition based on machine learning, Viewtinet provides quick, easy and visual access to all the relevant information provided by KPIs and reports from applications, users, devices and network links. What’s more, Viewtinet can correlate data from any company system.

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