Mind Analytics teams up with Looker to revolutionise travel industry

Mind Analytics, a consulting firm specialised in applying analytical technology, machine learning and process automation within the travel industry, has teamed up with Looker, a unified data platform, to create a powerful partnership in the world of analytical applications within the tourism industry.

Thanks to this partnership, the firms will provide a unique, groundbreaking and influential product capable of processing large chunks of business information data for the travel industry. This will be achieved in a straightforward way and in real time, vital for the development and growth of any business.

Mind Analytics develops a series of applications focused on the tourism industry, designed exclusively for business development through the study of data.  This is an exclusive way to accelerate the performance of this industry. Thanks to basic cornerstones of the data world such as big data and analytics, together with robotic automation processes, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this product is a much needed and long-awaited tool to revolutionise the travel industry.

“The goal of this partnership between Looker and Mind Analytics is to optimise and automate the tourism industry”

Looker’s data platform goes beyond BI to help organizations deliver impact through data experiences that fit the way people work. Looker integrates seamlessly into business workflows, embeds into third-party systems, and enables companies to build their own data applications. The Looker platform unlocks the value of your data to deliver insights with impact and create data experiences tailored for every part of your organization.

“The goal of this partnership between Looker and Mind Analytics is to optimise and automate the tourism industry. In such a competitive and ever-changing world that is the travel industry, companies have to be prepared for everything on the horizon. This alliance is a major advance for the industry and an opportunity for a unique vision in the market, which will take tourism companies to the next level,” explained Joaquín Oroño, CEO of Mind Analytics.

“Organizations across all departments are becoming increasingly more reliant on fresh real-time data to drive their business and everyday decisions,” said Megan Harvey, Director of EMEA Alliances at Looker. “We’re thrilled to add Mind Analytics as it furthers our mission to bring together the best technology and consulting companies from around the globe to help empower people through the smarter use of data.” 


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