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BI is a very useful and necessary tool to analyze and know the current state of a company, but insufficient if you want to analyze the reasons why while taking into account all the variables involved. Discovering the patterns hidden in data to know and thus predict what may happen to be prepared for the future is crucial to survive as a company. Predicting what may happen means we can be more prepared and can manage and redirect our resources before it happens.

That is why you must attend to our conference “From BI to AI”, to see how to start (or improve) your journey of transformation and adaptation to new technologies that make obtaining useful knowledge about the actions to undertake daily easier, having a noticeable impact on your benefits

Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the most innovative tools in the market, as well as to evolve in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Clustering, Web Services, Real Time Scoring and much more from real cases. We will be waiting for you on Tuesday December 11th at Fergus Style Palmanova at 10 a.m.


Schedule Activity
10:00h-10:30h Welcome coffee: where we can meet and start the preparations to make the conference more enjoyable.
10:30h-10:45h Mind Analytics welcomes you: brief introduction to the day.
10:45h-11:30h “From BI to AI”: we will go deeper into our background to be able to offer Tips&Tricks on predictive analysis and artificial intelligence as a tool.
11:30h-13:15h RapidMiner presentation, hands-on session with the tool based on real data and Q&A.
13:25h-14:00h Networking & finger food with sea sight.


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